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Talbot County was named for Grace, Lady Talbot, the wife of Sir Robert Talbot, an Irish statesman. Talbot county has the longest shoreline of any county in the United States. Agriculture is the main industry. Soybeans, corn and wheat are the major produce grown. The Choptank River along with Tred Avon, Tuckahoe, Wye and Miles River allow for seafood and boat dockage.

Size: 477 Square Miles
County Seat: Easton
Government Form: Charter since 1973
Population 2000: 33,812
Median income for a household (2000): $43,532
Median income for a family (2000): $53,214

Cities in Talbot County

Bozman (21612) Claiborne (21624) Cordova (21625)
Easton McDaniel (21647) Neavitt (21652)
Newcomb (21653) Oxford (21654) Royal Oak (21662)
Saint Michaels Sherwood (21655) Tilghman (21671)
Trappe (21673) Wittman (21676) Wye Mills (21679)

Talbot County Resources

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Talbot County Chamber of Commerce
Talbot County Government
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